On Uber Suspension

August 15, 2017

We share the dismay of hundreds of thousands of Filipino commuters who are Uber users following the LTFRB decision to suspend the service for one month.

The suspension order impacts on the thousands of commuters who now have to seek for other ride-hailing service or alternative means of public transportation, including MRT, which has proven to be not too reliable.

Without prejudice to the ongoing dispute between Uber and LTFRB on the TNVS operations, regulators should have resorted to a workable solution that will not harm the riding public.

As regulators, the LTFRB should be enabling and empowering, not prohibiting of the available technology that has in a way helped solve the lack of reliable, safe, and comfortable means of transportation for the Filipinos.

Let Uber operate pending resolution of the issues.

We are willing to join any initiative at the Senate that would look into this matter.