June 4, 2017

We are deeply saddened by the loss of at least 37 lives in the incident at Resorts World Manila this morning.

We mourn with the families of the innocent victims; the government and the management of Resorts World should make sure that their immediate concerns are addressed.

We exhort the Philippine National Police and other concerned agencies to exert all effort and resources to get to the bottom of things. How did the gunman escape the scrutiny of the hotel security? What is his background and what prompted him to do such daring crime? What did the police, security personnel, and hotel officials do to respond to the situation? No stone should be left unturned in efforts to bring justice to the victims.

We urge the authorities to go where the facts lead them, as it digs deep into the incident.

Unverified reports and premature conclusions should have no place in the PNP’s investigation, especially because President Duterte had earlier pronounced that the martial law in Mindanao could be expanded elsewhere throughout the country if the terrorist activity spills out.

The police action after this incident at Resorts World should make the people feel safer and thwart criminal minds intending to carry out violence and terror.