RP needs to take cue from vietnam and pratice what it preaches – Kiko Pangilinan

October 27, 2010

Press Release
October 27, 2010

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan today says that the Philippines can learn from Vietnam’s proper implementation of agricultural programs to strengthen its own agricultural sector.
“The difference between Vietnam and the Philippines is the effective implementation of their policy. We taught them what they know, so the technology and knowledge are already at hand. What we need is a strong resolve to address agricultural issues that have been hounding us for decades.”

Pangilinan, who is the Senate Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, earlier called for a roadmap to address food security in the country.

“For centuries our farmers and fisherfolk have provided us the food we need to survive. It’s time we ensure that their plight is addressed, and the right approach is to up their incomes by providing them the needed support in terms of available credit, infrastructure and facilities, research and development and access to markets for their produce. A strong partnership between government and private sector sharing a common vision of creating a robust and vibrant agriculture and fisheries economy is key.”

Pangilinan also says that the Aquino administration in the beginning of its six year term has a golden opportunity to lay down a clear vision for agriculture and fisheries modernization.

“We cannot achieve developed nation status in the next 15 years unless we create more jobs and wealth in the agriculture and fisheries sector. The key to food security and sufficiency is to create wealth for our farmers and fisherfolk.”


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