Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s statement on the death of former AFP Chief of Staff and Defense Secretary Angelo Reyes

February 8, 2011

Press Statement
February 8, 2011

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan: Reyes, Victim of Pervasive Corruption

We are deeply saddened by the turn of events. We condole with the family of the late Secretary Angelo Reyes. It is tragic that what started out as an investigation in aid of legislation has led to his apparent suicide. Death is not a graceful exit to such a distinguished officer as Secretary Reyes. A more honorable way would have been to come out with the truth and win back the admiration of his fellow soldiers. This is now the challenge the other generals are facing.

In light of this very sad incident, we urge our colleagues to expedite the investigation on the irregularities within the Armed Forces of the Philippines. To bring the system of corruption to light is to give justice and meaning to Reyes’ death. Reyes is a victim of a corrupt system. If his death should have any meaning, it should lead to real reforms in the armed forces in particular, and the entire government bureaucracy in general.

We should not let this incident deter our efforts in curbing pervasive corruption. In fact, this brings a degree of urgency to PNoy’s advocacy against corruption. For how many sad stories must our countrymen be subjected to before we see true justice being served? Justice cannot be served this way; not through trial by publicity, but by a strong justice system.



Image Source: Global Balita