Statement of Sen. Francis Pangilinan On NYC split from TAYO

April 20, 2018

We are heavily disheartened with the National Youth Commission’s decision to cut ties with the TAYO Awards Foundation, which runs the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations.

Since our Senate office started the TAYO Awards in 2002, NYC has been part of the journey. The commission’s contributions have ensured that more youth organizations are able to participate and partake of the learnings that the foundation provides. For 15 years, TAYO was above politics and the focus was on ensuring unity and cooperation directed at youth involvement.

Instead of banding together to provide for better opportunities and recognize the efforts of young Filipinos, the decision is divisive. One even has to wonder how the NYC arrived at this decision — if there was some politics involved.

The TAYO Awards underscores unity and acknowledges the power and dynamism of collective action.

The decision to cut ties with TAYO Awards is a setback for all young Filipinos. However, knowing the nature of our youth, this decision will not hinder their efforts at making a difference in their communities nationwide.

The youth will always be an inexhaustible source of energy, dynamism, and idealism. This decision may temporarily affect our efforts at youth empowerment but the youth will overcome — they always have regardless of who sits in government.