Statement of Sen. Kiko Pangilinan on Arroyo Acquittal

July 20, 2016

Kiko Pangilinan

Justice is not just about the result. Like democracy, justice is more about the process.

Due process is what former President Arroyo — and because she is a public servant, what the country’s institutions — went through the last five years. Her acquittal is the result of the rule of law. We may or may not like the result. That is final, and we respect the decision of the Supreme Court.

But much can be done about the process. It is slow. And for ordinary Filipinos who are caught in the web of the Philippine judicial system, it can be criminally slow. That is the challenge: to hasten the process and approximate justice so that we have more respect for the rule of law and judicial system.

We also commend the Office of the Ombudsman for continuing to pursue its mandate to reduce corruption in government and to raise the standard of public service in the country.

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