Supreme Court stepping out of bounds – Kiko Pangilinan

October 14, 2010

Press Release
October 14, 2010

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan criticized the SC decision to accommodate the petitioners who have questioned Malacanang’s decision to revoke GMA’s midnight appointment, saying the justices are stepping on the toes of the Executive branch.

“The Supreme Court it seems has a newfound propensity to step beyond that which is within its jurisdiction. First it went against Congress when it prevented the House of Representatives to proceed with the impeachment case against the Ombudsman. Now it is going against the Executive department. With all due respect, this is judicial interference that runs contrary to the principle of co-equality between the three branches of government.”

Pangilinan adds that the government’s bureaucracy will become virtually inefficient as the case drags on.

“Such actions create widespread uncertainty in the bureaucracy especially since the official acts of these individuals remain of doubtful legality until the matter is resolved. Until such time, transactions by the public with these offices will most likely be placed on hold. The uncertainty harms the government’s efforts to deliver its services to the public.”

“Until these cases are resolved these officials are placed in limbo and their agencies and the services they deliver will be in limbo too. We urge the Supreme Court to rethink its position on these twin issues and exercise courtesy and respect towards the legislative and executive branches.”