Kiko to CBCP: SC’s highly questionable rulings cannot be resolved through “concilation”

December 8, 2011

Press Release
December 7, 2011

Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan weighs in on the CBCP’s call for “reconciliation” between the Chief Executive and the Supreme Court.

“The key issue in the clash between the executive and judicial branches is the string of controversial rulings that have placed grave doubt on the fairness and the impartiality of the court,” he points out. “Many of these rulings have prevented the executive department from pursuing its commitment to addressing pervasive corruption and exacting accountability and justice.”

The lawyer-senator continues: “These highly questionable rulings cannot be the subject matter of mediation or conciliation or talks. I may be mistaken, but I am afraid that, at this point, any talks between the two branches will just be for show or pakitang tao lamang and will not help address the problem.”