On the SC ARMM postponement ruling

October 18, 2011

Press Statement
October 18, 2011

We welcome the postponement and the appointment of OIC’s. This is doing things differently and seeking new approaches to address the problems in the region. To expect real change to happen by doing the same things over and over again is insanity, it has been said. Going ahead with the ARMM elections now would simply keep ARMM where it is: Violent, corrupt, and inutile to effect change.

It was a close shave considering it was 8-7 but we are thankful that we can still draw some support from the Supreme Court for the reform efforts of the president. We do hope however that there won’t be any last minute flip-flopping by the SC on the issue. Given recent developments and the close vote one cannot help but be wary of the final outcome. Still it is a welcome development for the cause of real reform in ARMM.